My name is Beverly. I am a 26 year old single white female, hailing from the DC metropolitan area. I am a first time homeowner in Westwood Park, a small neighborhood tucked between Brightmoor and the Grandmont-Rosedale neighborhoods, on Detroit’s northwest side.

It’s hard to articulate what all drove me to move to Detroit after my first time visiting in late August of 2015, but I guess you could say it was a higher calling that brought me here. The great need to find a sense of purpose, after having spent years squandering my life away carelessly. The innate desire to do something for the greater good, for the first time ever in my life. Also, a house of my own for a few thousand dollars was a major driving force. But ultimately, I know that God brought me to Detroit; that is undeniable.

Though I didn’t realize that when God brought me to Detroit, he was bringing me to a city that is littered with churches. Almost every corner houses a church (or what was once a church). Yet for almost every church or former church, there is a liquor store, a dispensary, and at least a dozen blighted houses/buildings.

^Of course, that is not a pure statistical fact, but it is not a total exaggeration either. I just don’t believe that every single church in the city of Detroit has been accounted for, but trust me, the sheer abundance of them is nothing short of staggering. And once you take in the entire landscape, of a Detroit church in the midst of it’s crumbling neighborhood, it’s heartbreaking… until you see one where the pastor is driving away in his Cadillac Escalade, most likely off to his home in the suburbs. Then it’s just enfuriating.

Though I really want to dive in to a post about a church right now, I think it’s best to give this disclaimer as my introduction to the blog. Hopefully this will quell any misunderstandings, and help to keep the trolls at bay:

  1. I am not doing this to attack anyone’s religious views. I do not hate God or those who worship him. I am simply doing this to ensure greater transparency within all churches in the Detroit city limits, thereby ensuring that they are following best practices and not exploiting anyone for their own selfish benefits.
  2. I will thoroughly research all churches profiled in this blog and all associated social media accounts (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, etc.), to ensure that anything I write about them is factual.
  3. If any church is found to be engaging in any wrongful acts (i.e., fraud, embezzlement, crime, etc.), they will be made known to readers, law enforcement, city leaders, and the community at-large.
  4. In the same respect, any church found to be giving back to the community will be given positive reviews.
  5. Any church that is now abandoned and blighted will be addressed, going through the proper channels to secure the property.
  6. AND, eventually I will publish a coffee table book of the churches I documented (because that was the original idea behind this, which grew into a larger mission).

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts, and can offer any positive tips to aid in my research (i.e., church locations, pastor names, church activities, etc.).


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