#2) Synagogue Baptist Church

I was driving around on the east side running errands one day earlier this week when I saw this church*. Often times I cannot stop to take pictures of each church I see, but the second I saw this one, I did a not-so-legal U-turn in the middle of the street to snap a couple of pictures. It wasn’t due to any stately religious statuary, or any ornate architectural features, as this church possesses none of those things. What it does possess, however, is a religiously incorrect name.

synagogue 2

That raised a red flag for me, not only as the best friend of a Jew, but as someone with at least an elementary grasp of other religions. But where all else fails, the dictionary comes in handy. Merriam-Webster defines synagogue as “a building that is used for Jewish religious services”. In other words, the total opposite of a building for Baptist services.

synagogue 1

^ This picture was admittedly taken from an awkward angle from inside my car, but it is crucial to state this next point. The people of Synagogue Baptist Church placed the phrase “JESUS SAVES” next to their incorrect/ironically named church’s sign… never mind the fact that people of the Jewish faith do not accept Jesus as the messiah. So, if you go to a real synagogue, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone there who believes that Jesus saves anyone. It’s simply not part of the Jewish ideology.

This is an active church, as evidenced by their website. Their pastor is celebrating 30 years of service this month. In 30 years time, has anyone ever discussed the name of this church with the pastor? This is a question that will hopefully get an answer once I start researching all of these churches in-depth! I will update this post accordingly!

*Doing a search of this address has come up with results as both Detroit and Highland Park. I have found this to be the case for other addresses in this area and in Hamtramck, as both of these small cities are encapsulated within the large, sprawling metropolis of Detroit. Because of this, I will also include profiles for churches in Highland Park and Hamtramck.


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