Sorry for the wait (exciting news)

I apologize for the extreme lateness of this post. Earlier this week an emergency meeting was called, and I assumed the treasurer role of The Honest Plot (Northwest Brightmoor Renaissance), a non-profit working hard for the betterment of NW Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood. I am swimming in paperwork, attending meetings frequently, and this is just the beginning. Though I am not complaining; I am eager to gain experience working for a non-profit, and I look forward to helping my community.

It’s worth noting that I also just became a captain of the Plainview Block Club Association, working to help engage my fellow neighbors in bettering our street. Also, I work full-time, raise my pet puppy alone, and try to fix up my house when I can.

So, yeah! Life is getting busier by the day, but I will do my best to not let any of these obligations interfere with the mission of this blog. So, thanks for your patience and continued readership!

I’ve talked to a couple of friends who’ve asked me how exactly I plan to execute my mission with this blog, as it is a pretty huge undertaking. To summarize my course of action:

  • I will first log each and every church that is seen in Detroit in the year 2016, in operation or otherwise (even those that aren’t in service anymore still impact their neighborhoods just with their presence alone). Not every post will be as lengthy as my first post on Kindred Ministries, for instance; just getting the name, location, pictures, and count is the most important part right now.
    • Then comes the fun part of taking more pictures of the more picturesque churches I find, creating a book of all of the churches in Detroit, etc.
  • Once I have documented every church in the city, I will then start doing more in-depth research on each church’s functions and community impact. I will also investigate any reports or tips of suspicious behavior, and will even infiltrate some by attending their services. If I can dismantle just one corrupt church, I’ll consider it a job well done.

Now that this course of action has been spelled out, I will move forward to post church #2 in just a moment!



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