#3) Morning View Baptist Church

I was driving on Grand River, close to downtown Detroit, on Monday afternoon with my phone battery at 15%. Despite being so underprepared, I was able to take pictures of four churches I saw between I-94 and Virginia Park Street. Morning View Baptist Church is the first one I snapped pictures of, and the third church I am adding to my list overall.


Morning View Baptist Church is at the corner of Grand River and Lawton, in Detroit’s NW Goldberg neighborhood. Upon first sight, I had no idea if it was still in operation. Granted, the building does not look blighted at all, yet not a single vehicle was parked on either side of the parking lot.

Granted, this was a Monday around 2:00pm, but nothing. No car for the pastor. No vans or buses. NOTHING. Fortunately, I used Google to aid me in figuring out this mystery.

Their website lists their ministry schedule, which is very limited. They only offer services on Sundays and Tuesdays. But even an active website can be misleading, as I’ve seen websites still running for businesses that are now defunct. But often times, where Google’s help ends, social networking takes over.

Their unofficial Facebook page shows that people checked in for services as recently as this past Sunday, thereby proving that it is still active. However, there were two things I noticed wrong on this page:

  1. The website added to the page’s contact information leads to another Morning View Baptist Church. Digging through the website, you’ll find that this church is located in Rockmart, Georgia. Not a big surprise; the pictures of the church sitting atop a hill and their old white pastor were a dead giveaway.
  2. For this lady’s anonymity, I will not state her name, but as a member of the church, she posted a review to the error-riddled Facebook page with some delightful errors of her own. She stated that “Pastor Carr jr. Be on point with his sermons” and that “everyone there show ginuwine love”.

Admittedly, I don’t always use proper grammar, conversationally or in writing. It’s not because I don’t know any better, but simply because I’m not that anal about it anymore. Case in point: I will mix up current and past tenses all the time (especially via text messaging). This is partly because I hate texting and am usually rushing to send out long, wordy messages… and partly because LSD maybe just slightly messed with my sense of time and reality (and gave my friends in Pittsburgh a bunch of funny little stories that I’ll never live down).

But misspelling “genuine”?! Come on! “Ginuwine” is a singer… or was. I don’t think he’s doing anything now. Since he’s a DMV native like myself, I should probably know more.

And for those of you that don’t know about Ginuwine, I’ll leave this here for you. You’re so very welcome.





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