#6) Enon Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church (state unknown)

Hello all! Sorry for the wait; I have been dealing with some major life changes. But all is well and is getting better, so now I can resume with this mission. I have a ton of catching up to do, and so many more churches to post!

The church I am documenting in this post is Enon Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, which is located on Grand River and Vinewood, right across the street from the money-hungry monstrosity I featured in my last post: Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church. Literally right across the street!


See the similarity in names? That is a problem with many churches here in Detroit. It gets very confusing. And to have two churches like this located next to each other with such nearly identical names does not help at all. Though years ago, on this block, that was not an issue.


Decades ago, this was St. Matthias Episcopal Church. And who knows what was across the street… I’m sure it wasn’t an ugly, massive, modern-style money pit, though more research is needed to confirm that.

I am not sure how active Enon Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church is. When I did a Google search, the first two results were for Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church across the street. The only thing I could find for Enon that showed any signs of life was their Facebook page, but the last check-in was back in February of this year. When I called the number listed on that page, it went straight to an older man’s voicemail recording, with nothing indicating that it was for a church or a pastor.

It’s possible that they have a very small congregation with limited services running, and the exterior certainly doesn’t look like that of a vacant church; it’s very well maintained. I will list this as my first “state unknown” church, until further research is done.

I close this post with this: did you notice the homeless man sitting outside of the church?


I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. Though homelessness is a very complex issue, when it takes place in a city with a myriad of other complex issues (like Detroit), it is often overlooked. Nevertheless, I find it sad that the city of Detroit has so many vacant homes yet an abundance of homeless residents. I just hope that somehow through my non-profit endeavors in Detroit’s west side, I’ll be able to help lessen this issue.


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